Friday, April 30

a good day

Last night my mom woke only once...well...only once woke
and needed gentle direction to go back to sleep. So, a good
beginning to the day.

In the morning we met around the kitchen table with
our wonderful builder and architect, as we discussed the
final touches on the little "wing" we are adding to our
house for my dear mom's comfort and safety.
More about that in the future.

What I want to remember about today is sitting at
the kitchen table in the afternoon, just my mom and I,
a cup of tea for each of us, she with her book in hand
(but not reading), me with a papery handful of envelopes
(the checks and notes from my customers after the
Last Sale), the bright skies and wind outside and
the peaceful and music-filled inside.

I showed my mom an especially pretty card
which she went ahead and read. Then she said, "There
are alot of people who are going to be sad that you are
closed." I agreed with that. Then she asked, "Why
did you close your business?" Tho' it wasn't the entire
truth, I quickly answered, "Because I am taking care of
you and Caleb and Doug and that is plenty."
That satisfied her...and I must say, it was
satisfying to me, as well.

It is rare for her to plumb the depths these days.
So it is a good day when a mother and daughter
can have a little heart-to-heart, however brief.

*the photo was taken a few weeks ago, when the lilac
was blossoming....we keep the rocking chair outside
for my mom, and move it near whatever is
pretty and blooming at the moment*