...about this blog

THIS is the journal I occasionally kept while I took care of my sweet mom, who had Alzheimer's. I wrote the words below in 2010...

My hopes for this blog are many, but I don't really know what it will end up being like. I do know that I don't want to forget the moments and days that are this journey of being a full-time caregiver for my mom who has dementia. I suspect that I will need a place to explore the difficult and sad parts of this journey, as well as a place to capture the happy, beautiful and sweet times. 

I have found over the years that a blog is an especially satisfying mode of journaling, for it helps me to express what is in my heart and mind....and can sometimes (rather wondrously!)
help others.  That is why I have chosen this public venue to contain my thoughts. I hope that I can carefully walk the line of sharing my experiences and respecting my mom's privacy.

And please know that I am so aware that the spectrum of dementia and Alzheimers is vast, as are the caregiving circumstances. Our story is this....my mother was officially diagnosed with "mild dementia" in September of 2008. She came to live with us in January 2009, tried a very nice assisted-living place (her choice) from June until Christmas of 2009 and came to live with us (for always, we believe) on Christmas Eve 2009. My mother has a sweet and easy-going personality, currently has only moderate symptoms (extremely short term memory, some sleep challenges, rather frail, and other things that will, no doubt, be shared here) and is well-provided for financially. We are very grateful for these boons.