Wednesday, August 17


Peaceful, mostly, since I last wrote. 
Very grateful for a feeling of equilibrium that has mantled me these past several weeks. Little highs and lows, of course, and longing for some time alone or a little holiday for my husband and I (one day soon)...but mostly appreciating that as far as Alz. caregiving goes, we have it pretty good. I suppose it takes this peace in the heart to realize such things with the head.

P.S. Steven Spielberg (my husband) apologizes for the noises and abrupt ending, he (who is not used to filming) just grabbed the camera one day when he saw Mom and I taking a little walk.


Anonymous said...

How sweet and beautiful!

Glad things are flowing along nicely for you and your mom this summer.

kkkkaty said...

Simply lovely photos of your mother doing her chores and reading..and special to see you both walking and singing together...absolutely wonderful, Lesley.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh....Such sweet little glimpses, Lesley. These touch my heart so!

Bonnie said...

Made my eyes well with tears.

sandra said...

Such beautiful and sweet pictures. Oh how I would love to walk arm and arm with my mom again. Blessings to all of you :))

the wild magnolia said...

Well, this is a wonderful place for anyone to visit. Especially care givers. I know, you are not looking for admiration, nonetheless, I admire you and your husband.

Touching photos.