Wednesday, August 25

just a....

...little note.

I am thinking that sometimes this blog will
serve as a place to simply record small moments
with my mom that I will not want to forget.

Like tonight, watching a sweet movie together
and noticing that she was sitting with her arms
wrapped around her bent leg, the foot resting
in the chair...a very familiar pose for her that
I haven't seen for a long, long time.

And after we kissed at her bedtime, she said
"Good night m' dear"....also something very
familiar, but long-missed.

Glimpses of her old self.


melissa said...

I'm thinking that this blog will become a treasure in the days/weeks/months to come. You'll flip back and be encouraged.

I know you encourage me.

Take care, sweet one.

Dori said...

Yes, this journal will be a treasure. There will be tears, but so much sweetness, too, Lesley. These little snatches of the dear and familiar are sweet, sweet gifts to be savored. Blessings.