Monday, November 26

sunday evening into monday evening

Another peaceful day is gifted to us, after a night of some fever and worry. All is hushed...the Satie switched out for Schumann...much as I have found myself switching out things today, like the jar of straws and glasses that will not be sipped from on the bedside table for a long-lost photo of my mom's family when they first arrived in Hawaii, everyone heaped with leis and Mom barefoot...
I didn't know before, how similar this feels to preparing the way for new life. We cannot read, we cannot spend much time in contemplation...but washing and folding and putting away fill the hours not spent soothing her brow or rubbing balm into her lips and hands or simply sitting nearby in the consoling light. 

There is little left to clean or put out of sight as I write this, but there are always more candles to make and light, more glasses of wine and water to pour, more tender messages to send and receive, more loving words to whisper in my mother's ear...
"All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well."
-Julian of Norwich 



melissa said...

The Julian of Norwich quote is perfect. I fall back on that one all the time.

Take care of yourself. Don't forget that. This is a very sweet time...I know you're savoring it.

Lynn said...

This feels just like the sacred and beautiful time that my sister and I spent with our grandmother during her transition two years ago. Granted, we didn't get much sleep, and had to contend with some difficult swirling energy brought in occasionally by others, but it was such a privilege and a joy to sit with her, touch her reassuringly and bask in her true essence.

Thinking of you constantly...

CorinneLouise said...

Thinking of you and holding you tight, all will be well Lesley, we are not the ones in charge as God has His plan for every one of us.
It is a bittersweet time as all we have to hold on is a breath, such a precious little movment of the soul.
Please take care of your own rythm as you go, do not forget yourself.
Love and light.