Friday, October 29

friday, the last of October

number of times Mom woke up last night: 4 (two while we were still awake and needed conversation to help her back to bed, two during the night-but she went back to sleep on her own)

what we watched: Quality Street, B & W, old Katherine Hepburn. Charming and delightful....very Cranford-esque

what we had for supper: Trader Joe's Pizza, arugula from the garden, small glass of wine for me, pomegranate juice for Mom

That will be all for now as it is our day to clean the house. Mom is the duster, I am the vacuumer and bathroom scrubber. I got Mom started on the dusting so that I could quickly post this....she decided to start in the kitchen and playfully dusted my husband as he sat in the chair!


Anonymous said...

I can just picture your mom, and the twinkle in her eyes, as she dusted your husband. :-) Sweet.

sandra lee said...

Bless you both for having fun even when it is cleaning the house! My mom and dad have been gone a year and a half and it is nice to remember the sweet times when we laughed and had fun! I just hung my thankful-ness banner I bought from you last warms my heart,thank you.