Thursday, November 11


(Mom watching the digger working on the footings
for her new bedroom)

The same day I found Margaret Massey's blog
(in the sidebar), I also found Emily's blog-
My Mom's Brain

I read all of Margaret's posts that afternoon.
And as of today, I have read every entry of Emily's
from January 2009 to September 2009, but am forcing
myself to skim now...there is only so much time in
day! But her posts are so detailed and honest
just draw me in. It is the same with most books
I have read by people who are/have taken care of
a parent with dementia. I just want to devour them,
and often do, if I can find the time. I haven't
stopped to analyze why it is....but I am sure it has
something to do with the singularly weird nature of
the experience and how sadly comforting it is to
read about a different but similar version of
your own experience.

But there are only so many books out there,
and (depressingly) most are written after the
caregiving experience has ended. So for many,
many months I have looked for caregiving blogs that
speak to me and couldn't find them. Now I have these
few and leads-through them-to many more. Thinking
back, I probably discounted some blogs because the
caregiving wasn't going on at home, as it is for us,
and I was too focused on finding someone in the same
situation as I. Rather silly of me....for the
tenderness, the problem-solving, the sorrow, the
moments are all there-no matter where the
caregiving is going on.

Friends along the journey.

I am so grateful.


Anonymous said...

What a great picture!

I love the wood stove. Is it ornamental, or does it heat your house? Wow! Looks very beautiful in your home.

Lesley Austin said...

Hello Margaret,
Thank you so much for the compliments...the woodstove is a working one and helps to heat the house. We also have baseboard radiator heat. Before my mom came to live with us we tried to make do with only the woodstove as much as possible, but Mom likes it really warm, so we compromise by keeping the thermostat at 72 and help it out with the woodstove on cold days. Mom would have it in the eighties around here if our budget allowed and if the rest of us agreed!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for mentioning my blog. I feel the same way - reading other people's experiences helps me know I am not alone. And there can be lessons to learn. But it can be hard to keep up, and I am behind everywhere. Thank you for reading as much as you have. And yes, you are right, friends along the journey!
Take care,