Wednesday, November 24

just a note say that I will be quiet here for a bit, I think.

My new studio is all settled in, and I am trying to get a nice big batch of things made to offer to all of my old customers in these next few weeks. As I try to find hours in the studio (early morning now, before Mom wakes up!) I am reminded why I couldn't take care of Mom and continue Small Meadow Press in its usual fashion. Work in the studio becomes all-consuming very easily, and that simply doesn't work with caregiving.

So I am trying to keep it just within Mom's sleeping hours now, tho' I will bring lots of cards to fold while we watch a movie or hang out in the kitchen together. Every spare moment is filled these days, with my studio work and the continual paring down and moving around of our belongings as the build continues and the seasons change. I am trying not to feel the pressure that usually begins to mount at this time of year, but feel already behind (as always!).

This will be our first Christmas with Mom here throughout. Usually she would arrive just after our large Solstice gathering and before Christmas Eve. My fingers are crossed that she will be cosily settled into her new digs. More about that to come....but it is back to printing and designing for me now. I should have another half hour or more before Mom wakes up.

All is well here.


Lissa said...

Lesley, I'm happy things are going well, if busy and challenging. I love knowing that you are finding time for some Small Meadow creating---your lovely things bless the world. Just yesterday my 4yo looked up and read the "Please be on this house" garland aloud again, and it gave me such a smile. Her reading has really taken off lately, but I will be a little sad when she reads well enough to correct that "Please."

Happy Thanksgiving, and all good wishes to you, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Just do what you can, dear friend, and we will be happy. Your studio needs to be a place of joy, and a peaceful retreat, not a source of added stress. {hug}

melissa said...

Having your mother at home isn't unlike working around small children's naptime, is it?

I'm thinking that the attention and concentration needed for your creative work will be wonderful for your brain. :) Just totally getting involved in artwork is so soothing.

Hope your weekend is sweet. Take care.

meg said...

I haven't met this artist side of you yet, but makes sense, in light of your very lovely blog layout.

I'll be happy to read your blog whenever you resurface. Intermittent blogs that are written upon inspiration rather than obligation are definitely my favorites!

Take care-

Anonymous said...

J'ai appris des choses interessantes grace a vous, et vous m'avez aide a resoudre un probleme, merci.

- Daniel